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Weekly Dose of Goodness – Fulfilment

Fulfilment - Weekly dose of goodness
Fulfilment – Weekly Dose of Goodness

The only journey and the most important journey of all, is within. We have become so utterly lost in countless longings, completely insatiable desires, and instant gratifications, that we have absolutely forgotten to love and BE LOVE. To draw on the love that lies dormant deep within our souls.

To become instruments of change, not only for ourselves, but also for our friends, our family and our environment, we need to delve deeply and rediscover this love, in order to feel fulfilment and to be empowered to create shifts within our lifestyles. To rid ourselves of that sense of emptiness that so many feel.

Love isn’t dependency, love isn’t desires, and it’s definitely not attachment. It is simply a pure, unconditional love, and for me, this is how we begin to feel fulfilled.

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