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Reconnect and restore

Reconnect and Restore

You wake in the morning to the alarm on your electronic device sounding loudly, and your thoughts instantly turn to ‘noooo, not yet, I’m still tired.’ You drag your sad and sorry body slowly out of bed because it’s aching all over, shuffle your way to the kitchen to grab a quick coffee. Hopefully this will perk you up enough so that you can find the energy to have a shower and get on with your day. You just know that it’s going to be a struggle because you’ve had a crap sleep and you are completely and utterly exhausted.

We continue on this merciless cycle day after day, draining our energy resources and never really doing what we need to refill our cup. Until eventually we are presented with messages from our body such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm, brain fog, digestive issues, and stiffness. We may even consider this to be part of aging and out of our control. When really it’s your mind, body and soul saying STOP ALREADY! Your body is screaming out for you to slow down, to rest, repair and replenish. It’s yelling to you that it needs you to reconnect with nature, and to restore with our natural rhythms that were imprinted into our genes thousands of years ago.

Our hormone production, cell regeneration, enzyme production, digestion and bodily temperature are all reliant on our circadian rhythm functioning efficiently.

We are living at a pace that our bodies are not designed for. But all is not lost! Our genetic body clocks can reset once we consistently provide our body with nutrient dense foods, reconnect with nature, body movement that lights you up (not the punishing kind that you loathe), and exposure to natural light instead of an overload of blue light from electronic devices.

Are you ready to reconnect, restore and regain positive energy?

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