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Organic Times Milk Chocolate Sultanas – 150g


Organic Times Organic Milk Chocolate Sultanas. Sweet and juicy Australian-grown sultanas coated in the finest quality, fair-trade and organic couverture milk chocolate. Everyone in the family can enjoy these, as sultanas are a natural and wholesome treat.

In store and available to order

Organic Times Milk Chocolate Licorice – 150g


Organic Times Organic Licorice made from real licorice root powder and using traditional methods of growing and making the licorice that maintains the taste and the health benefits of this ancient herb. You will love the ultra-fresh licorice coated with our caramel-like flavoured chocolate. One taste will leave you wanting more.

In stock and available to order

Organic Times Milk Choc Almonds – 150g


Organic Times Certified Organic Milk Chocolate Almonds. Australian-grown, whole roasted nuts coated in fair-trade, milk couverture chocolate, these treats are a tasty, crunch sensation. Sustainably and ethically made – free from palm oil, GMO’s and anything artificial.

In store and available to order.

Organic Times Milk Choc Macadamia Nuts – 150g


Organic Times Australian macadamias are the world’s finest due to their amazing taste, great texture and health benefits.
Coated in couverture milk chocolate, these treats are a creamy and decadent taste sensation.

Available to order through the Buying Group

Nutra Organics Organic Cacao Butter – 250g


This luxurious butter from the fermented cacao bean, theobroma oil, is a good source of Vitamin E, a healthy saturated fat and has no sugar or salt content. This ultra smooth, nutrient dense butter is naturally high in antioxidants and is used for both cooking and as a natural moisturiser.

Alter Eco Dark Salted Burnt Caramel 80g


Dark Burnt Caramel. Raw cane sugar, lush organic cream, and pastured heirloom butter simmered to the brink of burnt for a masterful caramel crunch.

Alter Eco Dark Blackout 80g


Dark Blackout. Deep, fruity intensity, not recommended for those afraid of the dark.

Alter Eco Dark Velvet 80g


Dark Velvet. Melty smooth, with a subtle flowery bouquet and honey finish.

Alter Eco Dark Coconut Toffee 80g


Toasted crunch. Salty sweet perfection with a chewy bite and a smooth buttery finish.

Alter Eco Dark Mint 80g


Dark Mint. Bold and brisk, punctuated by the crunch of organic peppermint crystals.

Alter Eco Dark Quinoa 80g


Dark Quinoa, light crispy crunch, an artisan update on a nostalgic childhood treat.

Alter Eco Deep Dark Sea Salt 80g


Dark Sea Salt, the finest balance of 70% cacao and fleur de sel de Guerande

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