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Rumbles Paleo Choc Chipperoo Cookie – 2 pack


The Choc Chipperoo Story….

In the Autumn of Paleolithic times, tribes all around the globe would compete in the annual wood-chopping games to determine who was the strongest and quickest wood chopper! As the last tree fell the crowd would howl, “Choc-Chipperoo” to celebrate a new champion!

A chocolate chip cookie like no other! Filled with chunks of Rumbles Paleo 70% dark chocolate, and layered with nuts, cashew butter and a touch of Australian honey.

2 Die 4 Live Foods – Activated Organic Ow Cacao 200g


Ow! Unlike anything else, this spicy cacao snack is dairy free, organic, activated and vegan. A seed and nut snack for those who like it hot!

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